What I Didn’t Say

This section is for people who love writing. I do. And some of my friends do, too. I  mean we complain a lot, about how hard it is, and about how the world doesn’t appreciate our genius.


But just because someone is complaining, it doesn’t mean they aren’t having a good time, right?

How do you feel about writing? (You can complain about how hard it is if you want to heh heh.) 

The truth is, no matter how hard writing gets, some of us keep going because we just can’t seem to stop.

And I’ve been in that category for a while now, so I thought I’d put down some thoughts for you, about some of the things I’ve learned.

It might not be what you’re expecting.

Note what I didn’t say. I didn’t say I was going to give advice.


Thoughts. I said thoughts.

But look, have a look at what I’ve put down here and write a response if you want to.

Thanks to these people for the images.