The Pain-Free Essay

So you have to write an

… gasp, sigh…

… say it quietly … (oooooohhhh) … an …

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 9.32.08 am

 Now just breathe.

All right. You have to write an essay. And you are like everyone else in the world …

…and GUESS WHAT????!!

You don’t want to.



Well this website is here to tell you that …

you are not alone.


  What you feel about essay-writing is what everyone else feels about it.

What do you feel about essays? I am about to make some big statements, but I don’t know how you really feel. Share it with us in the comments section.

Everyone hates it at first, especially before they get started, everyone puts it off, everyone gets stuck, everyone’s thoughts start out in one giant jumble.

Oh, all right … yes … maybe there are people out there who like essays and find them easy,girl-608826_640

But they’re probably not reading this, are they?

And if they are, hopefully they will comment and tell us about it. 

Anyway, that’s what this section is about. It’s about what it’s really like to write an essay. It’s about getting stuck, getting un-stuck, organising your thoughts and putting words onto a page.

Most of all,

it’s about staying calm.


In fact, to ease everyone into it, I’ve made the first step really easy. Have a look.

In later posts I’ll be talking about how we try to avoid doing difficult and unpleasant things.


And after that I’ll be offering some friendly advice about how to avoid getting stuck.

Further down,

I’ve put in something for people to use if they’re in a true emergency. They are pages about …

The One Night Essay.


Yeah. I know.

It’s a ridiculous idea.

So keep an eye out for that one.

For the Pain Free Essay, start here.

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“The Spoiled Child” by Meadows via Wikimedia

“Sea Otter in Moro Bay” via Wikimedia

“Friends”, “Head in Sand” and “Laughter” on Pixabay.