Attributions: Kidding Yourself and Vivid

“Summer Laughter” by bmiz on Flickr

“Nijinsky in Scheherazade2”

“Leonid Pasternak – The Passion of creation”

“Exhausted” on Pexels.

“Moon” on Pixabay.

“Dessert” on Pexels

“Lamps” on Pixabay.

“Seed germination” By U.S. Department of Agriculture (Seedling) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

“Kansas Jayhawks 2008 NCAA Basketball National Champions–Street Party” by Mircea on Flickr

“Alone” on Unsplash.

“Buranovskiye Babushki 2011” on Wikimedia

“Reese trying to catch a fish”by Donnie Ray Jones   on Fickr