10b. The Other Part of That Other Part

When you wrote the overall answer, you might have immediately thought:thought


“Well that’s all very well. But  it’s more complicated that that …”



Anyway, it’s time to think it now. Because the middle paragraphs of your essay are going to be about that. Complications. Details.

You need to provide some details about why and how you got your overall answer. Each middle paragraph will cover one idea.

At the moment that’s all we’re after –  One idea for each middle paragraph.

So now you need to think again.  

You think about the topic (here it’s two movies and the nature of dogs) and all the stuff you’ve read. You think about your clue board.

You walk. You doodle.

You stay calm.

meditating girl

You realise that the reason you said that Bolt is a more realistic dog is because he charges around a lot. In contrast, Grommit is stiff and … kind of … smooth.

That’s it! The dogs are different physically. Bolt is energetic, and also flexible and furry.

You realise some of your thoughts are important. Maybe some of them could be the basis of paragraphs. Now you’re allowed to dig out the notebook.

Notebooks Write the thoughts down.

(This time you can’t steal words from the question. But don’t worry about the actual words at this stage. You can write notes or bad sentences or just odd words. Just get the idea down.)

“Bolt – energetic, flexible, furry. Grommit – slow, careful, stiff and smooth.”

… and at this point, you think of the word ‘passionate’. It just pops into your head, while you are doodling.

doodle very simple            passionate no box

You write the word ‘passionate’ on another page in your notebook with a box around it.passionate in boxYou think that later you might even stick it on the clue board.

Then you put the notebook down and

relax in grass

Now you might have some other ideas…

You remember a review that said Grommit is like a human. His feet are like hands. He drives and cooks and knits.

This is raw thinking. And that’s why you’re still ono the lawn or at the fireplace, not at the computer. Don’t force it.  Keep the notebook mostly closed and hidden. Look into the warm flickering light of the fire. Stare at the sky or the trees. Wait for the ideas to take shape.

When an idea seems to make sense,  reach for the notebook and write something down. It might be a sentence or two, or just some words in note form.

“Bolt – music – loud – like the music in action-movies. It changes a lot. As Bolt’s emotions change. The action is fast – sweeping shots and fast cutting. This makes him seem excitable.”

Then put the notebook down again while you think.

Some ideas go with your overall answer. Some ideas go against it.

“Bolt can talk and Grommit can’t.

Grommit – much older dog?”

Look, at this point, you might get inspired and just start madly writing down a lot of ideas. But it might go slowly.

All fine.             Reese's Smile by Donnie Ray Jones on Flickr

And if you get stuck … yep …

meditating man

And now this piece is getting too long, so I’m going to split it.                             goodbye

Next page.

Thanks to these people for the images.

“Thought” “Almeida Júnior – Moça com Livro” by José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior – http://www.masp.art.br/masp2010/acervo_detalheobra.php?id=364. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Almeida_J%C3%BAnior_-_Mo%C3%A7a_com_Livro.jpg#/media/File:Almeida_J%C3%BAnior_-_Mo%C3%A7a_com_Livro.jpg

“Relax in grass” on Pixabay https://pixabay.com/en/rest-relax-concerns-cozy-sleep-52495/ CC0 Public Domain

“Phra Ajan Jerapunyo-Abbot of Watkungtaphao.” Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Phra_Ajan_Jerapunyo-Abbot_of_Watkungtaphao..jpg


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