3. The Inside of Your Head

So  … you’ve got this essay question

and you’re about to push it under a pile of stuff and forget about it.

That’s fine. Really.

In fact, it’s a good thing to do. Soon you’ll see why. But just before you hide it away, there’s one thing you should do. This thing isn’t scary at all. It’s easy and it’s going to make a huge difference.

How can I explain this?

Look, I don’t know what the inside of your head is like.

It might be organised.

Your thoughts might just rise up, all clear and jewel-like, complete with little headings, and they might just magically arrange themselves into a logical order.


Your room might look like that too.

tidy bedroom-374982_1280

Mine doesn’t.


My brain is messy.

So, if this was my essay … inside my head, all my thoughts about the essay would be … kind of …


Am I the only one? Does anyone have a tidy brain? Any ideas for tidying mine up? Any tips?

And really, it’s OK.

The inside of my head feels like that a lot … and I seem to get through life just fine. (Well, most of the time.) The thoughts I need are in there somewhere, and they usually appear when I need them.

But it’s not fine when it comes to actually  COMMUNICATING  these thoughts to other people.

So if I was going to write an essay about two dogs in movies,  and my thoughts about dogs and movies looked like a pile of spaghetti, then I would have to tidy them up.

Tips? … Anyone?

 Anyway, the next page will be about doing that.


Thanks to these people for the images

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