Kidding Yourself

All right. I have just spent half the morning on Instagram and Facebook. I told myself it was work. I told myself it was important marketing that would help people find my websites and my  books.

I told myself to stop.

And I did stop. And then, instead of working on my short story, I came here, and wrote this post.

summer laughter bmiz on flickr
“Summer Laughter” by bmiz on Flickr


Why do we spend so much time on other things, when we know we should be writing?

You all know the answer to this one. It’s because writing is

s-o-o-o  ha-a-a-ard. 

OK. I’ll add the word ‘sometimes’.

Sometimes, writing is hard. Sometimes it is OK. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s even thrilling. Sometimes you are inspired and everything just flows.

happy dancing

But sometimes you have to force yourself to go to that desk and stay there until it’s done.


And when you have finished you feel …



But let’s not fool ourselves. Writing is what it’s all about. The rest — Instagram, Facebook, the webpages, the coffees, the endless chatter about how to do it and what helps — they are really  beside the point.

Writing is what we do.

So stop reading this blog and go and do some. winking babushka

Thanks to these people for the images

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