2. Stuckness

All right. You know this already.

Whenever there’s something you don’t want to do, the one thing that’s going to eat up most of your time – BY FAR – is the time it takes you just to get started.

lazy lion

So-o-o-o, just picking a random example out of the air …. hmmm … just sayyyy … I know!  Say you get an essay question.

Oh really? You do have an essay to write?? Lucky guess, herrrh  herrrrh …

Anyway, you’ve got this essay to write.

(Just so we’d have something to work with I made up a very pleasant essay question and put it here.)

So you get this essay question and …

the first thing you’re going to do will probably be something like this:

You’ve been here, right? … There’s something you don’t want to do and you are like everyone else IN THE WORLD.   You know that somewhere on the other side of this TERRIBLE TASK there is a nice place where THE THING is done and you can forget about it.  But instead of just getting on with it, to get to that nice place as quickly as possible, you waste a huge amount of time and effort just putting it off.

What do you do when you want to put something off? What are your favourite distractions? Share them.

It doesn’t mean you’re happy. Deep down inside, you’re worrying about the essay. You are not enjoying yourself …

… well, OK, you probably have been enjoying yourself

… and maybe you haven’t even been worrying about it …

BUT you definitely haven’t got anywhere. And the Ignoring-It plan hasn’t worked so far has it? I mean the essay hasn’t gone away …

Some writers call this


But I think that makes it sound like some complicated, deliberate act, as if it was a huge SIN.procrastinator

So I like to call it ‘stuckness’.

This is partly because Stuckness sounds kind of cute and sweet and harmless, like a little village or something …

in England,  maybe.



And because Stuckness is not something we do. It’s a situation that happens to us.


But I also like to call this situation ‘stuckness’ because it sounds a bit like ‘Loch Ness’.


And that says it all, really. Stuck Ness is a way of kidding ourselves that everything is hunky dory and clean and safe,

when really,

deep down, somewhere under the calm blue surface, there is this huge, dark, brooding, lurking problem


and that problem is our essay.

Yep.  Deep down inside, behind all the other stuff we use to distract ourselves, Stuckness makes us feel ba-a-a-ad.


ALSO,  it is a huuuuuuge waste of time.

If you get ten days to write an essay, stuckness, at it’s worst, can take up nine of them.

Yes, I know, at it’s worst it would take up ten of them,  but then, well, it’s kinda too late to be reading this, isn’t it?

Anyway, being stuck is not good. Big NO to Stuck Ness. We all want to get past it, if only we can work out how.

Well, LUCKY OLD YOOOOOU, because I’m going to tell you.  smiley-681580_1280

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