14. Here’s something that might make writing re-e-a-ally easy

Remember: the thoughts in your head are good ones.

It’s just a matter of getting them to flow onto the page in words.

But what if the words just won’t come?

There’s another little trick that might help.

You can all talk, right? My guess is that you do it all the time. Put a group of kids together…

… well, I haven’t noticed any of you standing around in silence looking at each other.

592px-Anthony_van_Dyck_-_Five_Eldest_Children_of_Charles_I_-_Google_Art_Project copy

And I believe there’s this other thing called Facebook or Instagram or whatever the thing is today? And what about texting?

Young people now communicate with each other more than just about any generation that’s ever been.

And guess what?

A lot of it is written.

So what is it that’s so hard about writing an essay? It isn’t as if there is some special essay language that we’re looking for.

(Yes, you will need to correct the grammar but that comes wa-a-ay later. There’s a lot of advice around about writing correct English. But don’t even think about that now.)

So here’s an idea. You all know how to talk and Instagram and text. If you’re having trouble getting thoughts onto a page, why not …

pretend you’re telling a friend?

Tell a real friend if you can get them to listen, or even, if you are totally desperate!!!  a parent.


Or … I know! Maybe it would be better if you find someone who won’t interrupt.

537px-Terrier_mixed-breed_dog      30950009_8c828d1e1d_n

Yes, OK, your family are going to think you’ve lost it, but they probably thought that already.

So. You get your friend…

Actually …

in the category of people who won’t interrupt,

an imaginary friend would be perfect!

Maybe this is the time to step back into your childhood and drag one out.

Of course, some of us might still have imaginary friends.



Alison looks embarrassed by Jenn




Did I say that? Of course,  I don’t mean me.




Anyway,  whoever your silent friend is 

tell them what your paragraph is about and then write down what you said.

Or you could tape yourself on a dictaphone.597px-Dictaphone_cylinder_machine

Hahahaha. Yeah. I’m that old.

All right you could tape yourself on your phone. Or your Dad’s phone. It doesn’t really matter. The point is …

If you’re better at talking than writing, then talk.

And then write down what you said.

Tell your friend what the paragraph is about. Write that down. Tell your friend what the evidence for this paragraph is. Write that down. Tell your friend what example you have chosen and why it supports what the paragraph says. Write that down. There you are. A whole paragraph.

Here’s another important thing.

The words you use don’t have to be anything special.

They don’t have to have a high-brow school-work sound. You don’t have to pretend you are a teacher or a brain or the Prime Minister.

Just say your thing to your friend …

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 5.16.19 pm

and remember what you said and write it down.

It doesn’t even have to be good English. You can fix the English later. (As I said, there are lots of places you can go for help with that.) We have computers. It is easy to fix things.

The hard part is producing something from nothing. Putting words on the page.

And now you’ve done it. And that was the hard… the second ha… 

Actually maybe this was the hardest part.

Which part actually is the hardest part of this process for you? Why? Tell me. 

OK, now there’s one more thing and then I’m done.


summer laughter bmiz on flickr

Thanks to these people for the images

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“Summer Laughter” by bmiz on Flickr   https://www.flickr.com/photos/benmizen/9438876982

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