11. Surging ahead now

All right. You’ve got your paragraphs planned and sentences or notes that describe what each paragraph is going to say. The rest is just filling in the gaps.


Look at the clue board. Hopefully you can find ideas here that will fill out the boxes for the Evidence and Example sentences of the different paragraphs. Take bits down and stick them on the plan, or, if you want to be neater, write a few words that describe them and put that into the plan.

eg: The bit about the fast music goes into the paragraph about music and techniques. The quote about dogs being loyal goes into the third paragraph, about the things all dogs have in common. The hairdryer story …3192193503_e79002293c_z531204895_fe2429c6dc_z… well, it doesn’t fit anywhere. …

… Although it would lighten things up a bit …

… but no, can’t be done.

Does this remind you of anything? This really isn’t like writing at all. It’s more like …. construction … Lego_Color_BricksIt’s about as hard as tidying up your room.

OK that doesn’t make it sound easy or pleasant.

But it’s not impossible and it’s not scary. I mean you have tidied up a room before, haven’t you? Oh well, all right, maybe not …



Now you need to look at what you’ve got.

You need to define the topic for the first box of the Introduction. You need to think up a hook  (an intriguing comment) – for the Introduction sentence 2, and a thought-provoking statement for the end of the conclusion. Although no rush for these. They might come to you as you fill out the plan.

Go through the other boxes, with the help of the clue board. There will be gaps. You won’t have evidence or examples for everything.

eg You might have to go back to the movies to find examples of Bolt acting young, or back to an article to find something to write about stop motion animation. 

So do that now. 


Really. Just do it. Stressing about it won’t help.

Or … all right …

you might decide just to wing it …

(harr harr, see what I did there? arrow__green with the bird and the … yeh)

Anyway … you might want to just force the stuff you’ve got into the boxes, or fill them with ideas that are near enough or even leave them empty.  It depends how good you want the essay to be.

And that’s a decision for you.2296370181_21dd5c5eac_z

I’m only trying to describe the mechanics.

This is a method.

I can’t make you care.

But we are charging on, aren’t we?

And now ….


Now all you have to do is write the thing. rutherford labelled for reuse even commercially

Next page.

Thanks to these people for the images

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“Lego Color Bricks” by Alan Chia – Lego Color Bricks. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Lego_Color_Bricks.jpg#/media/File:Lego_Color_Bricks.jpg

“Lego mess” by Luca Masters from Chocowinity, NC, USSA (Mess) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

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