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This is a website about writing. It’s for young people. Well, it’s for anyone, really.

Have a look. I would love you to tell me what you think … At any point. Please put something in a comments box, or you could email me if you want to at    joannabakerauthor@gmail.com

My name is Joanna Baker and I’m pretty old now (you’ll know that as soon as you get to my out-of-date movie references) and I look just like anyone else, really.

But I used to look really interesting: excited about life, and dorky, with Oompa Loompa hair. (Did I mention the out-of-date movie references?)

Anyway,  that’s the photo I’m giving you.


 No, I can-NOT make my hair go like that any more.

(Yes, I have tried).

hair in curlers

But I do still feel that excited … at least some of the time. And I still feel excited about writing (except when my brain gets stuck …)

rutherford commercial use ok 2
And I guess you’re excited about writing, too, or you wouldn’t be here.

Yes? Do you enjoy writing? A lot of people complain about how horrible writing is. But then they do it anyway. What are your experiences? Share with us …

And I know … I kno-o-o-wwwww …

not everyone likes writing.

Some of you do. But some of you will be here because  YOU HATE WRITING  but you have to do some and you want to make it as painless as possible.

Like it? Loathe it? Share with us …

So maybe you like it and maybe you hate it but let’s face it …

big proclamation coming ( … chooses Big Proclamation Colours … Mmmmm … and capitals … )


It’s also like meeting new people … and … eating salad! Some people like it and some people hate it, some people are good at it and some are hopeless, but no matter how much you try to avoid it,


So that’s what this website is for. You can read about how to write well and how to enjoy it and you can read about how to keep people like parents and teachers happy by knocking out reasonably good stuff as quickly as possible (and of course, shhhhhh …

We don’t need to announce that that’s the plan … of COURSE! so SHHHHH!!!)

(But also maybe the joke’s on you, because once you find out how easy writing can be, and once you produce something you’re proud of, well then you might just start to feel satisfied. You might even start … just a teeeeeny bit … ooooh I dunno …  to enjoy it?)

Hopeful-Smile-35 boredart.com.jpg

Any-hoo, that was my idea for this website. I suppose if I’m going to be (sigh) ree-ah-liss-tick I’d have to say I don’t really know if it’s a good idea.

Have a look around the site. Comment. Let me know what you think. Or you can ignore it all if you want. Like I said, what you are going to find here are thoughts. They are not rules. They’re more in the nature of guidelines.


(Did I mention about the out-of-date movie references?)

Thanks to these people for the images

My Mum for the photo of me. (And the do.)

“Hair Windings” by Louis Calvete – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

“Margaret Rutherford”  Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17000066

detail “Hopeful smile” from boredart.com

Live performance costumed actor portraying Captain Jack Sparrow at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. via Wikimedia.


One thought on “Helloooo!!

  1. I find your Agatha site informative and intriguing. It draws the reader in, especially the slightly unsettling bits you have woven in and out of the site. Great to see the current pic of you Jo! Praps Tim Minchin could actually sing a few bars?

    The Light Up site doesn’t work for me yet however, in part becos I’m not in the demographic you’re targeting. Displaying your books on the site will establish YOU as a blogging novelist with a web site. Not sure what the current preoccupation with hairstyles is telling the reader:) Maybe 14 year olds will think they’re cool. And I find the helllooo!! greeting a bit creepy. But hey! maybe I don’t get it!

    I think 13 points are too many for a panicky reader who has an essay deadline looming to wade thru. If these ppl are your main demographic could you try putting the In an emergency section before the Pain-free Essay?

    Enlarge your images for a visually literate Instagraming audience. Why not include some local pics to give a sense of place? I’d use fewer hackneyed images of Americo-centric ppl and animals. Use a cleaner font and layout. If you need a web designer, Lauren at Workshop in Swift St — used to work at CSU — is good. Do you know The Thesis Whisperer blog? While Inge is writing for a different demographic I think it works quite well as a blog.

    Hope this is helpful Jo. Looking fwd to the next draft.



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